If you literally have never been on the internet, basically Logan Paul uploaded a YouTube video of him and his friends at “suicide forest” and they actually found a dead body. And yes he put it in his video with the face blurred out. The unanswerable questions, How does a guy who has 15 million subscribers on one account not realize that the YouTube audience was not going to enjoy this? Why are they literally laughing in the video with a dead body hanging feet from them? Logan Paul, you have lost your mind. Well not only have you lost your mind but you just lost a lot of fucking money this year too. YouTube has announced that they are removing Paul from the Google Preferred, which I am not 100% sure what that means but basically he is losing a lot of money. All of Logan Paul’s YouTube Red shows have been put on hold because YouTube doesn’t want to have Logan Paul on their paid version of YouTube. Also Logan Paul is making content for smaller YouTubers harder than ever because YouTube will be very quick to age-restrict after this incident. Logan Paul who was rumored to make 12.5 millions dollars last year better hold on to some of his cash because YouTube seems to be done with his bullshit. Just when you thought that Jake Paul was the only Paul who always seemed to fuck everything up, Logan Paul said “hold my beer and watch this”.



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