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Month: January 2018

Dinner With Jay-Z or $50,000??

Let’s get this straight, the question is would you rather get a dinner with Jay-Z or $50,000? This is not a tough question even a little. You take the $50,000. $50,000 dollars at one time is a pretty solid amount Read More


@BleacherReport Coming At @barstoolsports. This is going to be a Mistake. ( @stoolpresidente )

This is an absolute mistake. Bleacher Report is actually incompetent, so them not knowing this is a mistake doesn’t actually surprise me. They’re the same company that tweets out hours after the XFL press conference asking if Johnny Football was going Read More

Not Sure About All This…..

Listen I am as proud as the next guy. Congratulations. Sometimes there are limits in this world no matter what this tweet says. A 5-foot female will never dunk a basketball on a ten-foot goal. I will never run a Read More

@BleacherReport is Incompetent

Bleacher Report is officially incompetent and someone needs to be fired. How the fuck do you tweet something this stupid? This blows the Cowboys tweet out of the water. This tweet happened at 5.00pm. The announcing of the XFL was Read More

XFL IS BACK!!! Well Was Suppose To Be…. ( @JManziel2 )

The XFL announced today that they’re coming back in 2020. If I was a betting man (which I am) I am honestly going to say that it doesn’t even happen. Everyone is going to talk about it for the rest Read More

Why are Teams Trying to Help LeBron?

Just because LeBron is finally on a team where they literally won’t be able to compete for a title. DOESN”T mean someone else in the league has to throw them a fucking bone so that they can try and make Read More


Why the fuck would someone ever put a tide pod in their mouth? This is a question that will never be answered. As a guy that tries to make people laugh at everything I do. This at no point is Read More

Jason Kidd is Out !

Jason Kidd is out as the Milwaukee Bucks head coach and I honestly don’t know if anyone gives a shit. Jason Kidd has a record of 139-152 as a head coach for the Milwaukee Bucks. Jason Kidd’s entrance into the Read More

Where is Eddie Murphy?

Does anyone know if Eddie Murphy is even alive? I don’t think I have heard Eddie Murphy’s name in the media in seven-plus years. I don’t even know why I thought about him today but I did and I immediately had Read More

The Open House Review

A little movie review for the people. The Open House a Netflix original. Netflix known for their TV shows instead of their movies, and after watching this you’re going to still believe they should just stick to TV shows. The setting Read More

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