College Football is back! (Week 1)


Thursday, August 31st

#2 Ohio State At. Indiana (8:00pm)

  • Ohio States starting running back Mike Weber is still Struggling to return 100% from hamstring injury. Don’t let that make you steer away from Ohio state winning Freshman Dobbins has been talked highly about ever since he got to the campus. I believe that he will take advantage of this opportunity and provide for the offence just fine.
  • Indiana’s QB Richard Lagow is known to be injury prone which could make him want to get the ball out of his hands as fast as possible which means he could try to force the ball into terrible coverage that means Starter Damon Webb and Damon Arnette could jump on the ball and make some pretty clutch interceptions
  • That being said I believe that Ohio state takes this one. (28-14)ohio state

Tulsa At. #10 Oklahoma State (7:30pm)  

  • I have read that Mason Rudolph (QB) to James Washington (WR) is the best combo in the Nation.
  • Also Oklahoma States offence is backed up by up and coming sophomore Justice Hill and A offence line that is ready to roll.
  • Both those points lead me to believe that Oklahoma State takes this one easily.     (42-10)oklahoma football

Florida A&M Vs. Arkansas (8:00pm)

  • Senior wide receiver Jared Cornelius is a player to watch. He is ready to start his senior year off right.
  • I don’t believe there is a single player on Florida A&M defense that can stop Cornelius
  • This will be a blow out. (42-10) arkansas.jpg


Friday, September 1st

#8 Washington At. Rutgers (8:00pm) 

  • Rutgers offence has gotten a lot better since last year but I don’t believe that will matter against this Washington Defense. They have 7 returning  from last year.
  • Rutgers starting QB Bolin has a dangerous receiving corps, But Bolin has to have the time to get them the ball.
  • Washington has a very powerful ground game. It wont take long for Jake Browning to get off to a fantastic start.
  • With those points it leads me to believe that Washington wont have a problem putting the Rutgers away (35-10) Washington.jpg


Colorado State Vs. Colorado (8:00pm)

  • If Steven Montez starting QB for Colorado can be on his “A” game and doesn’t give the ball away then he should be able to move the chains down the field on Colorado state pretty easy.
  • Colorado’s Offense will be great, Colorado States offence will be great also.
  • Phillip Lindsay will have a fantastic game and cause chaos for Colorado State.
  • This one is going to be a dog fight and go right down to the wire. (31-28) colorado.jpg

Utah State At. #9 Wisconsin (9:00pm)

  • Utah State will have a tough time doing much against this Wisconsin defense.
  • Kent Myers is back under center for Utah State.
  • Wisconsin did lose their top rusher last season but they are still loaded in the backfield.
  • I don’t believe the Aggies will be able to stop the Wisconsin Offense. Wisconsin wins (28-10) wisconsin

Saturday, September 2nd

#11 Michigan Vs. #17 Florida (3:30pm)

  • Michigan lost A LOT of defensive players from last year. In total 8 players.
  • The guys that are filling in must be on their “A” game.
  • Key players for the Gators offense are returning
  • Since the Gators offense is basically all Suspended. I’m going to take Michigan to win this game! (28-17)michigan

Temple At. Notre Dame (3:30) 

  • Brandon Wimbush is getting his first start
  • Notre Dame has really improved their defense. Brings back almost every Defensive player
  • Notre Dames transfers add a ton of depth to their receiving core
  • Notre Dame wins (45-7) notre dame

#3 Florida State Vs. # 1 Alabama (8:00pm)

  • Florida State better be able to protect QB Francois
  • Alabama’s “D” is going to force Francois
  • It all depends on if Francois can be consistent
  • There’s a ton of depth on both teams
  • Alabama wins in a tight one (28-17)alabama.jpg

#16 Louisville Vs. Purdue (7:30pm)

  • Lamar Jackson is probable just going to walk all over the boilermakers defense.
  • Boilermakers Defense better come out early, make stops early and let Louisville know if they even want a chance to make this a game.
  • Louisville should put tons of pressure on QB David Blough because he is a interception machine
  • Louisville wins by a landslide (35-10) louisville.jpg

Sunday, September 2nd

#22 West Virginia Vs. #21 Virginia Tech (7:30pm)

  • Skyler Howard Departed but new talent brought in and wont disappoint
  • West Virginia Must replace three starters which could pose a problem
  • Virginia Tech has a outstanding secondary
  • WVU might have problems protecting their QB
  • Virginia Tech wins this game by a slight margin (28-24)