I REPEAT KYRIE IRVING HAS BEEN TRADED. Even though everyone knew Kyrie was going to be traded sooner than later, I don’t think anyone would have predicted the Cleveland Lebrons trading Kyrie to the team they played against in the Eastern Conference Finals last year. Did the Cavs just make their biggest opponent in the Eastern Conference better? I would have to say yes. The Cavs collected Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the 2018 Brooklyn Nets first round pick. The Nets pick is the biggest gain here for the Cavs. With everyone under the impression that LeBron is leaving next offseason the Cavs need someone to rebuild with and I don’t think the 32-year-old Isaiah Thomas is someone you focus your rebuild on. Also this trade is great news for Derrick Rose (who recently signed a one year 2.1 million dollar contract with the Cavs) because the less playing time he gets the more likely he won’t spend this season in his dress suit on the end of the bench.