Is Hayward Enough for the Celtics to get Past the Cavs?

Gordon Hayward made headlines late Tuesday when he announced in a column posted in the Player Tribune that he would be joining the Boston Celtics on a four year deal worth $128 million dollars.

As soon as it was announced the debate of whether the Celtics could now dethrone the Cavs in the East.

Nxt Gen Sports founder Derrik Noel (LeBron hater) had this to say when presented with the question, “if the Celtics get the looks they had last year, there will be a lot of excuses being made by LeBron fans, which is what they do best.” 

Personally, I believe that the Celtics didn’t get as close as everyone thinks due to a few reasons

  1. LeBron can guard Gordon Hayward. He struggled with Kevin Durant in the finals, but Hayward is not even on the same planet as Durant offensively.
  2. If you watched the series this playoffs, you saw that Kelly Olynick was arguably the Celtics most effective player against the Cavs, and the Celtics let him walk to make room for Hayward.
  3. Isaiah Thomas couldn’t guard Kyrie if Kyrie had one leg
  4. Al Horford is not a great rebounder, which is Tristan Thompson’s biggest strength.
  5. The Celtics don’t really have anyone that can play the Power Forward. The only one on the roster is Jordan Mickey. Jae Crowder could play stretch 4, but that would not help the rebounding any.
  6. The Celtics have to trade Marcus Smart to make room for Hayward. Smart is a key contributor. Or the other option is to trade Terry Rozier and waive Jordan Mickey, who as I stated is the only power forward on the roster.

All in all, the Celtics got better, but not better enough. If they can keep Smart and somehow discover a rebounding power forward to put in the lineup, I’ll give them a chance. But as of now, Hayward just isn’t enough to get past one of the 5 greatest players to ever play the game.


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