J-Lew Movie Review: ENDGAME

Overall Thoughts: Best movie I’ve ever seen.

If you haven’t seen it yet what are you doing?

That is all.


The Very First J-Lew Movie Review

First, don’t let me ruin this movie for you if you are planning on seeing it. However, if you’re on the fence about it you can certainly read this. So people were raving about Pet Semetary and Eriel and I, being the moviegoers we are, decided to go see it Saturday, knowing nothing about it from the book or the older movie. I don’t care I don’t read books for fun. Anyways, we’ve seen a double-digit amount of movies this year but I’ll let out most recent trip to the theatre start off these reviews.

Overall thoughts: TERRIBLE

I won’t give out any spoilers so here are just some few thoughts in bullet form.

  • This movie did not scare me
  • There’s not enough backstory about the semetary
  • There’s legit only 5 characters throughout the movie
  • When the movie ends, you’ll look back and realize there were multiple scenes that meant absolutely nothing
  • The ending is a huge letdown

If I were a critic from rotten tomatoes, this movie would get about 46%.

UPDATE: Not My Year

It’s still the most wonderful time of the year, no matter how bad I’m doing with my bracket right now. As expected, I started off hot, but ever since day 2 of the first round I’ve been cold as ice. I picked approximately 16 upsets (seed-wise) in the first and second rounds (depending on what games you count as upsets) and there’s only been about 2 legit upsets happen so far (Liberty, UC Irvine). I wouldn’t count Oregon, Ohio State or Murray State winning as upsets even though they were the higher seeds. And what makes this all even worse is that I did very little research this year over all the tournament games. I tried my best not to overthink and not overlook the lower seeded teams and that led me to picking lots of upsets, just how it’s been every year in March. But this year has been different. The better teams have won and have played their best game they could to advance. If you would’ve told me every 1,2 and 3 seed would make it to the sweet sixteen and there’d only be 2 teams that are a 5 seed or higher in the sweet 16, I would’ve laughed at your small college basketball mind. The good news is I still have all my final four teams left playing (UNC, Michigan, Duke and Virginia) so that’s great. LOTS OF BASKETBALL LEFT.

It’s Time (Bruce Buffer Voice)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. March Madness is back again for another round. I’ve already made my bracket and thankfully I didn’t make the mistake of creating 6 or 7 different ones but stuck to just one bracket. I won’t tell you who I picked to win it all but I will tell you who would be smart to pick and who not to pick. I won’t give you every game but will do most of them.

Let’s start in the East Region.

Duke is the #1 seed here and #1 seed overall. I expect them to make it out of this region but after that, I think it gets dicey. First, Liberty has bells ringing in my ears for some reason (see what I did there) so I like them in a first-round upset. Also, I REALLY like Belmont mostly because I don’t like Maryland at all. The last time they were a 6 seed (2017) they lost. I also like LSU and Minnesota. My Big upset in this region is the Gophers over Michigan State. Michigan State as a 2 seed just smells like failure to me (Let us not forget 2016, the last time they were a 2 seed).

Now the West Region.

Gonzaga will either make it to the Final Four or lose in the 2nd round and I’m taking the latter. The Marquette and Murray State game should be a doozie but the blue and gold team will win ;). I LOVE Michigan. It’s just something about Jon Beilein in the tournament. Buffalo can be really sneaky and my one upset is Northern Kentucky over Texas Tech.

Time for the Midwest Region. I love the Tar Heels in this region. Coby White and Cameron Johnson look too good to me. Ohio State and Iowa State will be the most exciting game and was definitely a difficult one to decide on. Auburn is my sleeper and Georgia State led by Ron Hunter is my upset.

Finally, the South Region.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Purdue will either lose in the first round to Old Dominion or the second round to Villanova. I just have no trust in them and I know that hurts the Lewis family to hear. The only reason I like Virginia is becuase of how they lost last year to 16th seeded UMBC. I’d like to see them bounce back from that game in a big way. My upset in this side of the bracket is Oregon over Wisconsin and even though seed wide it looks like an upset, these two teams are pretty good and should give us a good game. I don’t like Tennessee due to how crazily up and down they’ve been this year. Also, I think Cincinnati could turn some heads this year.

Some other friendly reminders: Root for the underdog and don’t have all 1’s and 2’s in your Elite Eight (Jay Williams and Jay Bilas ((IDIOTS)).

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Worst SB Ever?

Yeah yeah we all know the super bowl was bad and the Patriots won and Maroon 5 was very average and the commercials were subpar and this and that and whatever else. Was it the worst super bowl ever? The wonderful people of Twitter certainly think so on my poll. Over 70% of people think this years game beat out the 43-8 whooping the Broncos got back in 2014. Two results from two games that I wasn’t expecting. Sure the 2014 game had lots of points but a blowout against the team you’re rooting for isn’t fun to watch and I do remember the commercials that year weren’t good either (I don’t remember the last year the commercials were noticeably good and funny). I would vote for that game just because it was so out of reach for most of the game (From the first snap actually). There was no hope for Manning. This years game I was just waiting and waiting for Goff to make something happen or Gurley to actually be the good running back he is but no. My hope for an exciting 4th quarter didn’t happen. We got nothing. No scoring. No excitement. We were let down big time. Anyway, I figured this year’s game would be well past the over of 56 but no. 16 points. I would’ve guessed one team would score at least 16 points in a quarter. If you like defense and seeing the 4th down army on the field dang near every possession then this game was perfect for you, but not for me, sorry.

Sean McVay says he was outcoached and maybe he was (he was), but not all the blame should be on him. Supposedly the Rams had the best offensive line in the league but you would’ve thought the Colts 2017 O-Line was out there. Goff held onto the ball way too long at times which would’ve worked in previous games because of how stout they were in the trenches, but this game was different.

On the other hand, Brady, yet again, was hardly touched (sacked once) and had plenty of time to throw the ball 3 yards downfield or hand off to his back. Yes, I know there were a few throws longer downfield but the Rams gave him the short stuff and Edelman mostly was the one who capitalized for them. And what did I say? If Brady had time and didn’t see pressure from Donald or Suh, he would make the right plays. They only scored 13 points but a wins a win. If you would have told me though before the game that the Pats would score only 13 points, I would have expected 31 from the Rams. Sad.

Don’t forget, the Super Bowl is in Miami next year that means the Colts will be there!

Big Game Number 53

The matchup I dreaded to see will be. Vader and the Sith Lord (Brady and Belichick) will head to their 9th super bowl game together, winning 5 of their last 8 appearances. No doubt the greatest franchise the sport has seen. They will face an up and coming team in the L.A. Rams. As a loyal fan, I hate the matchup but as a fan of the game of football, I look forward to it. Also, Los Angeles still doesn’t deserve an NFL team, let alone two! Although if they do win then who knows maybe their fan base will double in size from 12 to 24.

Back in 2002, these same two teams (The Rams were in St. Louis) met in Super Bowl 36, New England winning 20-17. The Rams were 14! point favorites to a young Tom Brady who won this game on a Vinatieri field goal and a dominant defensive gameplan from Bill Belichick. This year, however, the Patriots are early 1.5 point favorites and that mark could move up to as much as 3 before the game. Everyone’s betting on the Pats, and after everyone betted against them the entire playoffs I’m not surprised. If I could, I would also bet on the Pats. Why? Because you don’t bet against Tom Brady, and the Pats aren’t facing an NFC East team, which have been his only super bowl losses (Giants, Eagles). This is where it’s hard to be a Patriot hater because those superstitious things will make you sway the other way. I want the Rams to win. Actually, I want to see the Patriots lose, but because of Stevie Wonder, I have my superstitions.

Maybe we’ll see a high scoring affair just like last years super bowl which was no doubt the greatest one I’ve seen. I love Nick Foles. The Rams average nearly 6 points more a game than the Pats but the Patriots also gave up 4 points less on average than the Rams. Brady and company can no doubt put up points at will and the Rams have a ton of weapons in Gurley, Cooks, and Woods. But, we could also see a low scoring game. The Patriots defense always tends to play better in the playoffs and the Rams have big name guys like Aaron Donald, Dante Fowler, and Aqib Talib. You would think the Rams would be significantly better on D but the two teams actually stack up evenly on paper for the most part.

Forget everything I just said because numbers actually don’t matter in the Super Bowl.

Rams win if they pressure Brady a lot better than the Chiefs did. Patriots win if Brady has time to throw. Maroon 5 wins if they also bring out Gucci Mane and the Migos with Travis Scott. It’s that simple.

Don’t forget the Saints got robbed.

The Picks are in (1-27-18)


3-2 on my blog picks. 10-5 on the week.

Michigan State -1 against Purdue (@Purdue) *bet your house payment on this game and win some moolah

FSU -3.5 against Miami (@Miami)

The Picks are in (1-26-18)


1-2 on my blog picks

Marquette -2 against Xavier (@Xavier)

Boston College -1.5 against Wake Forest (@Wake)

USC -1 against Arizona St (@USC)